Increase your company’s productivity with a strategic IT staffing plan

We think strategically and our team of experts design and implement the staffing plan in a well-organized way. Our focus is to enhance the quality of the candidates at every level of an organization. With the goal of approaching the requirements of our client, KY&Y Consulting generate a strategic IT staffing plan to hire the best candidate for the required position. We make sure to provide a long-term success for both candidates as well as the company.

Building and maintaining sales culture

Though we offer a tremendous staff augmentation service by providing organizations with talented candidates, we strive to build and maintain a culture where everyone gives importance to growing the business.

Using an integrated recruitment, sales and marketing strategy

We focus on sales, recruitment, and marketing. We tend to integrate these three pillars of staffing that help us generate revenue. Where recruiters provide support in generating leads, marketing team results in a strong client relationship, and the sales team makes sure to meet the requirements of a client in every possible way.

Adding value to client relationships

Among the availability of several staffing companies, we strive to add value to our clients’ services in order to be a class apart. Thus, we follow a strategic approach to maintain consistency in our customer relationship.

Our training never ends

There is always a scope to improve yourself and we follow the same by incorporating training sessions for our professionals on a regular basis. We always ensure to stay ahead of our competitors in terms of quality, quick service, and reliability. Our quick role-playing sessions help professionals to provide efficient services.

Quickly fixing issues whenever arise

We make sure to give our clients the best of employees for the vacant positions. To achieve so, we strive hard and incorporate all the possible steps that are required to meet the requirements of the clients. We tend to maintain our reputation in terms of quality as well as accountability.

Sharing our company philosophies to make client believe in our services

Companies, generally, look for the IT staffing solutions that follow the same core values and philosophies as they do. Moreover, the prospective clients prefer to know about the recruiting services and communication practices of the staffing company KY&Y Consulting share with its clients all the required information regarding company values, and methodologies applied among others. We share how our team of experts benefits the brand and reputation of our prospective clients.

Sharing our success stories

In order to provide our efficient services to more and more organizations, we tend to share our success stories with our potential clients. We do so by posting a company marketing video, acquiring testimonials from our esteemed client, or writing a blog that illustrates the success of some of our significant projects. Sharing our track records with clients help us gain the confidence of our clients, thus allowing us to hire a candidate for their company.

Developing solid sales processes

We focus on developing processes that are consistent and implemented efficiently by our professionals. In order to do so, we take into account our values, the number of potential clients, and the quality of potential clients. We make sure to clear our values to our sales team and clients. We follow the process only if our value proposition is communicated effectively to our potential clients. We generate a well-organized recruitment strategy in order to meet various business development requirements. KY&Y Consulting do focus on the quality of the prospective client as well. We take the project only if the company and its requirements seem feasible. Our team of experts does a bit of research regarding the reputation of the company, the value of employees in their company, and many more.

Recruitment customer relationship management

KY&Y Consulting carries out a comprehensive customer relationship management and follows the recruitment process by strategizing, supporting, and managing the entire sales process from starting till the end. The process helps us manage the entire staffing business in a well-organized way.

Some other business and staffing strategies that we follow for our client business success:

  • We make sure to have an adequate balance sheet. The client might have a low budget and thus, we tend to find the candidates meeting their requirements as well as budget.
  • We are very much sufficient in terms of size and financial resources and can manage any kind of deal efficiently. We strategize ourselves in such a way that even the sourcing of few or more than hundreds contract workers can be done in a very well-organized way.
  • Our team requests for feedbacks about all the employees that have been recruited by us for a client’s organization. The review helps us refine our recruiting strategy which would allow us to find the best candidates in a much easier way.
  • Though we tend to look for well-experienced and highly skilled candidates, we also believe in hiring a prospect that has the capability to learn and understand the concepts in a rapid way. We give preference to a culturally fit candidate who can succeed with some training and support.
  • Though permanent employees are given more preference when choosing the candidates, we tend to consider temporary workers as well. We take into account the quality employee no matter what kind of experience a candidate holds. Temporary employees can be as qualified and skilled as full-time workers and thus can support efficiently to your business.