subject-matter experts

Curated by subject-matter experts

Each subscription is thoughtfully curated to include eLearning content for your LMS, and is designed by our team of in-house subject matter experts.

machine learning insights

Powered by machine learning insights

Surface the eLearning content that learners are looking for with machine-learning recommended content personalized for each learner.

your employees

Driven by you and your employees

Hand-select the elearning subscriptions you want based on the geographic, industry, and functional learning needs of your business.

How it works

Content Anytime, for you.

Curate It

We Curate It

Using subject-matter experts and Machine Learning insights.


You pick the subscriptions

Based on the learning needs of your organization.


We upload it to your LMS / LXP

Making sure it’s appealing and easy for your learners.


Equip employees with essential soft-skills

Help learners across the globe adapt their skills to the changing needs of the workplace. Quickly deliver hundreds of eLearning courses covering key soft-skills such as communication, time management, leadership, teamwork, and emotional intelligence. Available in multi-languages.

essential soft-skills

digitally-fit organization

Transform into a digitally-fit organization

Infuse digital technology skills into every area of the business. Build a learning environment that is flexible, innovative, and embraces digital tools. Modernize the way your organization operates with eLearning courses designed to help your people master human-machine collaboration. Available in multi-languages.

Localized eLearning content designed for global learners

Engage and develop learners with eLearning content that is customized for your native business language. Curated from local eLearning vendors, equip your employees with essential soft-skills and digital skills, such as communication, leadership, time-management, artificial intelligence, and beyond. Available in English.

Localized eLearning

Prove positive business impact

Measure e-learning impact and engagement with machine learning-based predictive analytics. Show learning investments' worth and analyze skill trends via dashboards and reporting.

positive business impact

modern content

Watch, read, or listen to modern content anytime, anywhere

Within our modern learning experience platform, your employees can learn what they want, when they want, on any device. Boost completion and engagement with a modern learning experience.

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Help your employees build today's most sought-after skills

most sought-after skills