Understand your candidate pipeline

Make it easier to find and identify the best candidate for the role. Have one central place to manage and take action on all your candidates across all your requisitions, so you can capture a complete picture of your entire talent pipeline.

candidate pipeline

Boost qualified candidate traffic

From personalized job sites, to social media and even employee referrals, KY&Y Consulting provides the tools you need for your job postings to have more visibility and reach a wider audience - increasing the flow of top talent.

Boost qualified candidate traffic

Improve candidate discovery

Search your entire database in one place using keywords and sort and filter options that allow you to select the criteria
that matters most to you. Make filtering and rediscovering candidates even easier with tags that further segment the applicant pool. Additionally, save time on sourcing with machine-learning generated candidate suggestions.

Improve candidate discovery

Join us to realize your potential using KY&Y Consulting Framework

Additional candidate experience capabilities

  • Manage candidates
  • Quickly and effectively assess, manage, and take action across all requisitions from a single, mobile-responsive page

  • Pre-screening questions
  • Determine the most qualified candidates based on score or answers to specific questions

  • Suggested candidates
  • Save time on sourcing candidates with machine-learning generated candidate suggestions

  • Third-party assessments
  • Enable third-party assessments with pre-built integrations with leading vendors

  • Flag candidates
  • Easily segment the applicant pool and manage candidates with tagged keywords

  • Hiring dashboard
  • Leverage a simple home to vie and drill down into all open requisitions, applicants, data and tasks