Simple & flexible planning

Ensure appropriate rewards and pay for performance globally. Enable the right people to track and visualize essential employee compensation data, view, define and manage salaries and rates, and set bonus and equity targets for individual users.

Simple & flexible planning

Unified data

Unified data

Ensure planners are making the best possible planning decisions by arming them with information from multiple data sources and enable inclusion of critical input from others.

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Additional planning capabilities

  • Customized costing
  • Define costs for each position or in groups, and specify types of cost

  • Flexibility
  • Configure what information planners can see and edit

  • Sub-planning
  • Break organization-wide plans into subplans and manage at multiple levels

  • Plan update
  • Reconcile a previous plan with changes to the organization

  • Co-planning
  • Securely share plan with stakeholders

  • Chart view
  • Real-time charts make it easy to spot patterns, trends, and anomalies