Professional Payrolling – Employer of Record (EOR) Services

Many enterprise clients refer independent workers to KY&Y Consulting who, by virtue of the project or their business structure, don’t qualify as independent contractors. Despite our best efforts to structure the contractor and project parameters for compliance with IC classification requirements, some valued workers will just not qualify.   You can’t let this stop you from engaging top talent, and you can’t let it drive top talent away. In these situations, KY&Y Consulting serves as the Employer-of-Record (EOR). Our popular Professional Payrolling service, with exceptional support and benefits, keeps your contractors happy and productive while insulating you from all the employer compliance risks and liabilities.

Maintaining Access to Top Talent

As the Employer of Record (EOR), KY&Y Consulting hires the non-qualifying workers you want to engage as our employees and then contracts with your company to provide their skills on a contingent basis.

KY&Y Consulting’s Professional Payrolling solution is a proven program featuring a number of support functions and services similar to traditional employment structure, including:

  • Online contractor pre-screening and customized enrollment services.
  • Automated onboarding
  • KY&Y Consulting’s health and welfare benefits include both MEC and qualifying coverage according to requirements of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA).
Professional Payrolling

Extensive business insurances including general and professional liability

  • Automatic paycheck deductions for federal, state and local taxes as well as Social Security and Medicare
  • Workers compensation and unemployment insurance coverage

Employee relations and Human Resource services

  • Online portal for paycheck details and year end
  • Dedicated Program Specialists and Payroll Specialists who provide “white glove” customer service to both our professional contractors and project sponsors

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Reduced “Co-Employment” Risk

Many state and federal agencies investigate discrimination in the workplace, including the preferential treatment of employees over contingent workers. KY&Y Consulting’s EOR solution eliminates that risk by paying our client-referred workers fairly and providing a generous benefits package comparable to those offered by major corporations, including life and health insurance, a qualified retirement plan, and standard entitlements such as workers’ compensation and unemployment benefits. KY&Y Consulting’s benefits package is affordable and quickly attainable for workers. Depending on the benefit plan selected, benefits can be effective as soon as the first of the month following 30 days of employment. The cafeteria-style plan lets workers pick and choose their coverage, and KY&Y Consulting makes an employer contribution toward the costs of the chosen options. Contractors appreciate the flexibility, while your company benefits from mitigated co-employment risk.

Security Screening

KY&Y Consulting works with you to address any pre-employment screening you require. Using qualified service providers, we can assess drug and alcohol use, financial stability, and criminal background, and we can verify work references and stated education.

Automated Administration and Personal Service

KY&Y Consulting’s technology platform, yConnect,, is a complete EOR management solution. Our staff accesses the system to process and administer weekly payroll, health benefits, retirement plans, and time & expense reporting. Workers use yConnect, as an automated tool for managing and reporting time and for reviewing weekly compensation and benefits. yConnect,’s intuitive interface and the KY&Y Consulting HR staff make onboarding a snap —most workers complete the process in less than an hour. Payroll administration is transparent for our clients. Through yConnect,, your staff has access to critical, up-to-the-minute data that lets you evaluate headcount, review requisition status, and consolidate financial information.

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