Leaving a PEO (Professional Employer Organization) at some point is typically an economically sound decision for many businesses, yet the transition can cause significant challenges due to the multiple changes to implement.

As a result, many employers delay this critical decision despite the clear justification, financial and otherwise, to make the move. KY&Y Consulting’s team of seasoned HR professionals are experts in PEO transitions. Our consultants can quarterback all the critical steps so that companies can transition with minimal disruption. Your company is assigned a dedicated team who, at your direction, will cover all the critical and necessary steps including:

  • Assess, develop, and manage a customized transition project plan.
  • Source vendors and administer the implementation of a new payroll system.
  • Identify / Coordinate Benefits Brokerage Services and Plan Design and Selection.
  • Establish / Augment federal and state employer filings and registrations.
  • Establish the package of paperwork to be reissued to all employees at the time of transition.
  • Develop and update the Employee Handbook.
  • Initiate all transitional activities.
  • Provide Federal and State Labor Law Posters.
  • Provide continued support as needed.
  • Determine all states of operation and address compliance related initiatives as needed.
  • Inventory all PEO proprietary documents that need to be replicated by the client at the time of transition.
  • Develop communication pieces and plans for the new suite of services.
  • Develop and execute a communication plan to all employees on change and impact.
  • Collect all newly issued employee documentation.
  • Enter all collected data with each critical vendor including payroll provider and each insurance carrier.
  • Serve as administrator and HR tracking database.
  • Develop and implement new checklists for all HR related processes.

PEO Exit Services


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