Careers in Restaurant & Hospitality

Our Restaurant and Hospitality Division is designed to meet the growing management needs at local restaurants and other hospitality businesses.

More and more of the Indian restaurant and hospitality industry is relying on KY&Y CONSULTING to find the best managerial candidates for their local restaurants, hotels and resorts. Our specialized recruiters are industry insiders on the front lines, talking with the people you want to meet. Making sure a hospitality business is well run focusing on customer service and satisfaction and profitability simultaneously takes people with skill and resourcefulness. We are eager to connect your hospitality business with bright personalities and hardworking candidates in the community.

As a vast, dynamic and growing industry restaurant and hospitality provides tremendous opportunities in India. No matter what day, week or season the restaurant and hospitality industry has exciting opportunities for upper and middle management positions. Let KY&Y Consulting guide you to a rewarding job in the restaurant and hospitality industry.

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