Accurately identify talent and close skill gaps

Our talent management software provides a complete view of employee data and enables you to take actionable steps to develop talent and close skills gaps. Provide transparency to next steps to career growth.

close skill gaps

personalized development paths

Provide personalized development paths

Empower employees to personalize their own development built-in learning content, as well as machine-learning recommended learning content based on their role and skills. Provide transparency into career growth with development plans that show company goals, functional objectives, and personal development.

Retain top talent

Lack of career progression is a leading cause of talent turnover. Reduce churn with transparent career growth opportunities in a highly-configurable career page that leverages machine learning to recommend career paths. Then, proactively mitigate talent vacancy costs with robust succession planning.

Retain top talent

engaging experience

One unified, engaging experience

Easily view global talent management solutions in one place, ensuring a seamless experience for managers and employees. Boost engagement with transparency and actionable steps across the entire KY&Y Consulting platform.

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Additional talent management system capabilities

  • Skills & competencies
  • Accurately identify and close skills gaps and analyze behavioral trends

  • Conversations
  • Provide relevant training and collect more frequent talent data

  • Development plans
  • Personalized, actionable path to success

  • Social feedback
  • Increase engagement through recognition badging

  • Machine learning
  • Enjoy automation of personalized development

  • Observation checklist
  • Observe behavior, validate process knowledge, and collect evidence in real-time