Vendor Management

Regardless of business you’re in, vendors play a key role in the success of your business. Using the vendor management best practices to build a mutually strong relationship with your vendors will strengthen your company’s overall performance in the marketplace. Ignoring sound vendor management principles result in a dysfunctional relationship that will have the potential to negatively impact your business.

KY&Y provides successful Vendor Management to its clients. Whether a small independent business requiring a simple master vendor arrangement or a multinational organization requiring a complex neutral vendor partner, we can design and implement a solution for your organization.

We believe that one solution doesn’t fit all and every client has a different set of circumstances and targets. Hence we provide tailored services around client’s needs in order to provide the most effective and efficient service mix, which in turn keeps the costs to a minimum and ensures that the targets are met.

Ultimately we look forward to build a professional recruitment solution that allows your business to attract the best employees at the lowest possible cost.

Master & Neutral Vendor:

A master vendor service model is usually when a primary vendor, such as Single Resource, controls a clients’ recruitment process and manages the workforce, using a panel of secondary partner agencies, as well as supplying directly themselves. A Neutral vendor has the same overall objective however; the vendor does not supply the workforce themselves.

KY&Y enables its clients to independently manage and evaluate their recruitment agency relationships. As a Master Vendor, we deliver clients HR goals and requirements. Our accountability to the client creates a transparency in reviewing workflows with 3rd parties to create a positive environment with the client’s suppliers. Some key areas that we can manage on your behalf are:

  • Process Reviews
  • Screening and Assessment
  • Candidate Database Management
Vendor Management

Benefits of Vendor Management:

The time, money and energy used to nurture a positive vendor relationship cannot be measured directly against the company’s bottom line. However, a well managed vendor relationship will result in increased customer satisfaction, reduced costs, better quality, and better service from the vendor. When and if problems arise, rest assured that a well managed vendor will be quick to remedy the situation.