What is Accountants now ?

KY&Y Consulting is a dedicated company to accounting and finance recruitment, knows the most successful organizations are backed by efficient accounting and finance teams. We recognize great performance in accounting and finance involves more than just number crunching. As a leading recruitment firm in India, KY&Y Consulting understands the complexities of recruiting, managing and retaining employees in a global economy. Our specialized accounting and finance recruitment consultants leverage established relationships in the field, along with cutting edge recruitment technology and processes to identify top performers from financial analysts to CFOs. All of this is supported by parent company KY&Y Consulting’s established reputation and administrative resources.

The demand for accounting and finance pros will always exist.

Every business requires people to assess and address their financial health and ensure a stable future. Our team at KY&Y Consulting has been specializing in accounting & finance recruitment for over a decade. Through a proactive recruiting model, our specialists have placed thousands of people in this sector across India.

Let KY&Y Consulting help you connect with the perfect accounting or finance job for your qualifications and talents. Simply browse the jobs we have available through KY&Y Consulting.


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