1. Understanding The Mandate

"Understanding the Client Organization, the lines of business, its customers, the culture, its growth plans and its competitive strengths."

2. Mapping Of Talent & Competencies

"Mapping position specific competencies including the Job title, deliverables, key accountabilities and other details such as compensation mapping."

3. Developing & Sourcing Strategy

"Developing & Sourcing Strategy, Creating a target list of appropriate industries and/or companies from where talent can be sourced. This is done using our own databases as well as industry databases."

4. Establishing Contact

"Establishing Contact with shortlisted candidates post expression of mutual interest. They are apprised of the opportunity."

5. Candidate Evaluation

"Evaluating candidates to determine profile fitness, their career aspirations and sustainability in the context of the demands of the role as well as the culture of the organization."

6. Detailed Reference Checks

"Detailed reference checks on candidates before offer is made, using networking resources."

7. Employment Offer Negotiations

"Negotiations for the final employment offer, including compensation breakdown and the other formalities such as notice period."

8. Post Hire Follow Up

"Post hire Follow Up to ensure smooth transition both for clients and candidates."