KY&Y Consulting provides rapid, high-quality assessments, deployments, and integration by carefully following established methodologies and using today’s best technology solutions. KY&Y Consulting thoroughly validates your sales, marketing, customer service and employee performance technology needs, providing you confidence in deploying enterprise technology solutions with reduced adoption risk.

We believe that excellence is not a singular act, but a habit. We believe that good work begets goodwork. It is as simple as that. We at KY&Y Consulting make a constant endeavor to redefine this habit and take it to higher levels.


KY&Y will always be the key driving force behind all our development work. When you surround any of our technology offering with other modular KY&Y possibilities, you would begin to lay a foundation for a total digital facility, which is our vision for the future.

KY&Y Promise

KY&Y Consulting continually invest in customer success through Voice-of-Customer (VOC), refining ongoing project development practices, continually optimizing KY&Y Consulting Technologies Solutions Framework (CTSF) based on your feedback.

Industry Expertise

KY&Y Consulting has successfully implemented solutions for clients in several industries.


Our focus is to build new-to-the-world products and services and identifying exploring and harnessing the right information technology solutions. KY&Y Consulting strive to strike the right balance between core technical competency areas and currently popular technologies.

Management Team

KY&Y Consulting consultants have extensive hands-on functional business experience and are successful leaders and managers. Our consultants bring years of functional skills (sales, marketing, service, operations, human capital performance and IT) and technical skills (e.g., .NET, Java, Integration, database management, application development) to your project.


Know about the location of the KY&Y.

Advantage KY&Y

We at KY&Y Consulting, shoulder the ultimate responsibility for completing projects that translate into powerful sales and informational tools for our clients.