Our IT Staff Augmentation Service

With the growth of IT organization, the demand for highly qualified IT candidates has also increased and it’s becoming more competitive to acquire a talented staff. KY&Y Consulting, an industry leader in client partnership relationships, has in its database a biodata of 1 million candidates with around more than 150 skill sets. We have consultative expertise that allows our clients to hire highly-qualified employees who have the capability to understand the business as well as the culture of the client. KY&Y Consulting, no matter whether a client needs services for short-term impact or long-term goals, implements an effective staffing strategy to meet the business needs of its clients. We can get you the required talent in order to fill the empty positions of your organization quickly.

it staff augmentation

Our team of IT staff augmentation has an expertise in the tech industry and our IT staffing expert’s endeavors to get you the right IT professionals irrespective of the level of employment. KY&Y Consulting, with a proven track record of success, uses a disciplined process and exceptional service to provide the client with a right match in the right way. Our flexibility in helping organizations in line with their workflow assists the clients in maximizing their resources and leveraging several opportunities. We aim to render our highly skilled IT resources as and when required. Our IT staffing services provide a large amount of superior candidates for the requirement of temporary hiring, contract-to-hire hiring, and permanent hiring as well.

The highly-skilled and experienced consultants of KY&Y Consulting are proficient enough to handle a wide range of large and small projects and offer an ideal candidate for different types of requirements. Our team of experts helps you fulfill the need of a single IT resources, a group of IT resources, or an IT resource for a month or a year. KY&Y Consulting , which is an augmentation staffing agency, provides you with the candidates having a direct experience in the kind of industry and technology preferred by the client.

The specialists, at our recruiting centers, efficiently perform the task of matching qualified candidates with several positions that are available across numerous job disciplines. Our corporate recruiters surpass the expectations and provide our clients with flexible and self-motivated workforces for all kinds of positions, job titles, and industries.

Our wide range of IT resources that can make a client succeed includes IT project managers, IT application developer, IT consultants, business system analysts, database managers EDI consultants, technical writers, and windows administrators among others.

Our IT Staff Augmentation Services

We offer the following staff augmentation services:

Direct Placements

The companies, often, find it difficult to find an ideal candidate. However, KY&Y Consulting, an IT staffing company , helps you find the one that can be an asset to your company. Our direct hire recruiting services will make you accomplish your goals and that too with less average cost-per-hire. We do not let our clients go through the phase of sorting through a number of resumes, screening potentially qualified candidates, conducting background checks, and all. Engaging with KY&Y Consulting will provide you with ready to contribute pre-screened and tested candidates. Our effective candidate evaluation tools help us source the qualified candidates in a rapid way.

Executive Search

Through our executive search services, we, at KY&Y Consulting, provide qualified employees for a number of senior-level positions. Our experts make use of unique sourcing techniques and strong relationships to locate the perfect fit for the management and leadership based positions. We let you hire the talent with the skills you need! Our executive search team focuses on the executive as well as senior level positions including President, Vice President, and Director among others.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Organizations turn to KY&Y Consulting for acquiring full-time recruitment services. KY&Y Consulting is known for delivering higher worker output at cost-effective rates. Our highly-experienced recruiting professionals tend to provide scalable and flexible RPO solutions in well-tried project management disciplines. KY&Y Consulting gets in partnership with the organizations that seek a major competitive advantage by means of selective or total Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO). KY&Y Consulting ensures the delivery of any level of requirement. We, at KY&Y Consulting, provide our clients with various RPO services including Job Posting management (giving existing employees an opportunity to move to different functional areas), Candidate Sourcing (finding and assessing talented candidates for different positions), Candidate Screening (sorting resumes to find out the most qualified candidates), Employee ON-boarding (process of adjusting new employees to the culture and performance aspects of the company in a rapid way), Employee Off-boarding (administrative processes once an employee resigns or gets fired) , and Reference Checking (acquiring information about the candidate’s previous on-the-job performance).

Industry-Oriented Recruitment Processes

The talented set of IT staffing and recruiting professionals strives hard in order to deliver the right candidates in terms of the skills, culture, and experience obtained by the candidate. We help our clients begin their initiatives in a rapid way. Moreover, we are dedicated towards retaining our team of professionals, which in turn, assists us in providing more reliable, experienced, and proficient candidates to our customers. We have been in awe of a large team of reliable team members, and they have been assisting us in implementing several successful projects within the given timelines as well as budget.

We Exceed Our Limits By Staffing The Right IT Resources?

Our team of experts spends a quality time in recognizing your requirements, the type of business you have, the requisites of your projects, the culture of your organization, and the goals of your organization. We Begin by matching our IT resources with the requirements of the company and make sure to come up with the candidate who is proficient enough to serve the client exactly the same way as required. Our motto is, not just to fill the vacant position, but to fill it with an IT resource that can accomplish the required tasks efficiently. We tend to strengthen the relationship with our clients and look forward to meeting all their recruitment and staffing requirements in future as well. Our core set of strengths allows our clients to retain the best talent and achieve greater heights of success gradually.

We provide immediate access to the most talented candidate. Moreover, the resources provided by KY&Y Consulting assure effective results, thus allowing a client to maximize the benefits effectively. Our greater flexibility in providing the resources as required allows us to perform well, thus facilitating a client to acquire premium services at reasonable recruiting costs. Our goal of the business helps us provide customized solutions exactly in accordance with the client’s requisites.

We hire employees with adequate knowledge of business and industry trends. Being the provider of staff outsourcing solutions, our efficient team of experts allows clients to attain the talent at a much-reduced cost comparatively.

Staff Augmentation process

All in all, we tend to cover the client’s requirements by performing the following activities.

  • We fill the gaps by providing the client with the required talent on immediate basis.
  • We tend to follow emerging technology skill-sets.
  • We use the latest technology and methods to accomplish the recruitment process.
  • We give you the talent that accomplishes both the goal and vision of the client.

At KY&Y Consulting, we assist you in avoiding the procedure of posting job openings, going through several resumes, conducting a lengthy interview process. We allow you to evade from these complicated and time-consuming tasks and attain top IT talent for the vacant positions that you need to fill. This will, indeed, save your money as well as time.

Instant Benefits

Our Staff Augmentation process gives your business the following instant benefits.

  • Cost-Effectiveness: You have an opportunity to hire a talented staff without any need of setting up a costly office location, employment taxes, and travel expenses among others.
  • Time-Efficient: Our efficient staff tends to meet all your requirements within a specified deadline. Our time efficient team, who has an expertise in respective areas makes you attain the required IT professionals within the specified period of time.

KY&Y Consulting, at the time of major technological change, gives business enterprises a boost in terms of value, quality services, and success. We offer high-quality staff outsourcing services and our numerous successful projects in several key areas exhibit our capability of incorporating our innovative approach to retaining the top talent.

Our Areas of Expertise

Having extensive knowledge of specialized industries as well as skill sets, our areas of expertise include Information Technology, Finance & Accounting, Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare, and Automotive sectors. The team of Information Technology Recruiters at KY&Y Consulting specializes in finding the ideal candidates for the positions like Developers, Business Analytics, Project Managers, Middleware, DBA, QA Analysts, Network Architects & Administrators, Database Architects and Administrators, Data Warehousing Specialists, and Helpdesk Personnel among others.

Our recruiting team for Financing & Accounting Department has an expertise in filling the positions like Financial Analysts, Business Analysts, Controllers, Project Managers, Accountants, Finance Directors, and CFOs.

Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare team of experts at KY&Y Consulting has a proven track record of finding the efficient professionals like Bio & Biomedical Engineers, Chemical Engineers, Clinical Research Associates, Scientist, Environmental Engineers, Safety Engineers, Clinical Data Specialists, Validation Specialist, Document Control Specialist, Quality Analysts, and Research Associates.

Moreover, we provide our clients in Automotive Industry with professionals like Engineers and Technicians.

All in all, the experts at KY&Y Consulting are capable enough to find a perfect candidate for every kind of position. We bring in the candidates with some uniqueness that can contribute efficiently to the business of our client.

With our contingent staffing services, we offer numerous benefits ranging from cost contamination to risk Mitigation, and many more. Our human capital management specialists rapidly perform the task of matching the qualified candidates with several positions across a number of job titles. KY&Y Consulting accomplishes the goals of the companies by meeting their requirements of flexible and dynamic workforces.