Work Visas and Green Card Sponsorship Opportunities

We are committed to the connection of amazing IT talent with world-class businesses. Our IT staffing services and ongoing commitment to diversity in the workplace sets us apart from all other IT staffing firms in the U.S.

That’s why we pride ourselves on how we treat all of our professional IT consultants, including H-1B visa and green card holders. All of our foreign national contingent consultants are treated as professionals and compensated fairly. We retain the services of attorneys specializing in immigration law to provide expert support and advice.

" If you qualify for a client engagement, KY&Y CONSULTING will work to help you obtain H-1B status or sponsor you in obtaining a Green Card.

The immigration status and documentation of all our contingents associate is transparent and readily accessible. Please contact us to learn more about our opportunities for foreign national workers.

Contact us about H-1B visa & green card details

  Tuition Reimbursement

For salaried consultants after 6 months of service limited reimbursement is available for pre-approved relevant course work or training based on academic performance. Get in touch about tuition reimbursement