Senior & Middle Staff Recruitment

Top level staffs are always selected with care in every company. But most businesses fail to realize that middle managers are the most vital links within companies. They are the main communication link between top bosses and subordinates for creating a trusting and efficient environment and therefore need to be recruited with care and efficiency.

KY&Y Consulting offers top rated services in recruitment and selection of senior and middle level employees for leading business houses and industries across the globe. Our teams of HR consultants have years of experience in search and recruitment of top-notch professionals at middle to senior management levels across a broad range of industries and have successfully closed various positions.

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KY&Y HR & Staffing Services In India specialize in recruiting for different industry globally:

KY&Y Consultings is a leading industrial recruitment agency and we focus on recruiting experienced candidates from across the industrial, warehouse, logistics and engineering professions. Some of the Senior and Middle level positions we recruit in are:

  • Executives
  • Managers
  • Assistant Managers
  • Senior Managers
  • Branch Managers
  • Team Leaders
  • Area Heads
  • Departmental Heads

Senior & Middle Staff Recruitment Process

Before selecting a candidate for any client we always start with a detailed understanding of what clients wants and document each need with clarity. Our domain consultants shortlist the candidates, check their resumes and interview them first (via telephone or on person) to ensure that candidates meet and understand the comprehensive job description, the required standards, clients’ business culture and expectations.

Only when all criterion’s match as per the requirement of the client we send across a few selected resumes to the client for final interview and selection. We also have experience with the detailed negotiation that goes into bringing senior-level employees on board.

KY&Y HR and Staffing Services understands the client’s need and source the candidates with the right skill set, aptitude, attitude and commitment to help them achieve their business goals. We offer customized services to address the hiring needs of organizations across all potential management roles and provide with experienced expertise for niche roles in the middle to senior management space.