Streamline workforce decisions everywhere

Fuel success with human capital across business units spread over time zones and countries, regional offices with remote employees and multiple sets of regulations, people data housed in legacy HRMS, local payroll, benefits, and HR systems acquired through M&A.

Streamline workforce decisions

Support employee & manager self-service

Free up HR practitioners at all levels across the entire organisation to increase the focus on strategic business initiatives and give employees greater control to keep workforce data timely and accurate with self-service.

employee & manager self-service

Enhance compensation planning and compliance

Ensure appropriate rewards and pay for performance globally. Enable the right people to track and visualize essential employee compensation data, view, define and manage salaries and rates, and set bonus and equity targets for individual users.

Enhance compensation planning

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Additional HR capabilities


Allow users to electronically sign the form which can be authenticated

Employee file management

Securely store, organize and access critical info across OU/BU

Organization audits

Complete chronological reports of historical, current, and future organizational data

Encrypted PII fields

Create encrypted custom fields to store personally identifiable information (PII)

Headcount trend report

For exploring the historical month-end users by status and type, by division, location, position, and more