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Our areas of specialization

Step 1: Tell us about your hiring needs

Submit your job opening online in just minutes, or simply call us. Either way, our recruiting specialists will evaluate the skills, experience and corporate culture fit you require. We are 100% committed to finding employees who are the best fit for your company. Need someone today, or even weeks from now? No problem, we have you covered.

Step 2: Your staffing options

KY&Y Consulting is known for providing a selection of highly skilled professionals, and our staffing professionals can provide you with temporary, temporary-to-full-time, project and full-time staffing solutions. We even have our own full-time specialized employees, who you can hire on an interim or recurring basis. Wondering how to make the most of your hiring budget? There is no cost until you hire, so let’s talk.

Step 3: Review and select candidates

Finding candidates who are just the right fit for your role is our top priority. We will provide you with your choice of well-matched candidates, and our recommendations will be tailored to the nuances of your role and business. Then, once you select the best candidate, we’ll coordinate all aspects of the recruiting process, working hard to ensure a smooth start for you and your new employee.

Step 4: Service and your happiness

Ensuring you are happy with your hiring experience is what defines KY&Y Consulting. We are committed to the highest level of customer service, and we back it up with a satisfaction guarantee. Our communication, expert advice and recruiting support is provided on your terms, not just during the hiring process but beyond, creating a lasting relationship with you.

Step 1: Search for jobs and apply

Quickly and easily search our open positions to find one that fits your skills and experience. We have jobs with top local companies in your area.

Step 2: Upload your resume

Our online form makes it easy to send us your resume or upload the details of your LinkedIn profile. We’ll then contact you if your qualifications meet the requirements of an open position or match what our clients typically look for.

Step 3: Getting to know you

You are more than just a resume or an application. That is why we work so hard to understand your career goals, so that we can help you find a job that is just the right fit for you.

Step 4: While we find the right fit

In addition to helping find your next career move, we are also here to help you with refining your resume, prepping you for interviews, and sharing local salary and hiring trends.

Join us to realize your potential using KY&Y Consulting Framework

Why KY&Y CONSULTING is a Smart Choice ?

Every IT staffing company has a string of bullet points listing the benefits they offer IT professionals — compensation, jobs in a diverse set of industries, senior level positions with this, we’re all very similar. As an IT professional searching for the best IT jobs, you deserve better than just the bullet points.

That’s why at KY&Y CONSULTING, we focus on driving value by going above that list of benefits. Our proprietary screening process, which looks beyond a resumé and job description, provides a better match between IT professionals and the jobs they want. Our partnership with the nations leading Fortune 500 and midmarket companies gives our job seekers the options they want for a successful career in IT.

Think of KY&Y CONSULTING as your personal “Career Agent”. An agent scours the industry landscape for opportunities that will boost your career then goes to bat for you in order to secure them. We have been working exclusively with placing IT professionals for nearly 4 years and approach all our candidates with the insight and intention to move their career forward.

Get where you want to go faster by following a well researched path to success. Our interview and placement process is built on finding the right opportunities at the right time, providing you with quicker searches, better results, and a more successful career path.

Our process is more than checking off boxes on a resumé or job description. We conduct face-to-face interviews with both the hiring managers of companies who have retained our services, and the IT professionals whom we are placing.

When we work with our clients, we review their needs and match them to the needs of our IT consultants. If the opportunity matches your criteria for professional happiness, we will present it to you. We do this to ensure that each position exists in a compatible work culture, is in line with your personal goals, and provides a deeper connection based on your needs and preferences.

Your decision making process becomes easy when you have all the industry information about market trends and pay ranges. KY&Y CONSULTING has far reaching partnerships within the IT community, which we use to give our candidates the best inside knowledge and advantages when looking for new positions.

When you do find that perfect job we support you further by helping you prepare for the big interview. The more you work with KY&Y CONSULTING, you will recognize that we are bit less of a regular staffing agency and more of a serious ally to your longterm goals.

Our engagement management process is a critical component of your success. After your placement is agreed upon, we continue to work and support you, unlike many IT staffing agencies, which have a “set it and forget it” policy when dealing with their professional IT consultants.

That’s because your satisfaction with your placement is important to us. You can count on us for help with your integration, paperwork, or any concerns that arise during your placement tenure. We take pride in following up with our consultants throughout their placement, and are here to make your transition as easy and stress free as possible.

As your assignment nears completion, we’ll actively begin to market you for new opportunities, helping you stay continually employed, as well as presenting you with better placement opportunities. Being able to rely on moving from one great job to another is one of the many ways we show you we care more than our competitors.

Never worry about your future employment while you’re on assignment. KY&Y CONSULTING helps make sure your time between jobs is kept to a bare minimum by engaging in future support – keeping your resumé on our table at all times.


KY&Y’s clients augment their in-house sourcing and recruiting operations using KY&Y’s Recruiting Factory. Some clients outsource their entire sourcing and recruiting operation to KY&Y. Our clients are responsible for providing job orders and account management (working with candidates and hiring managers) after the candidates are submitted by KY&Y.



Knowledgeable KY&Y Account managers are always eager to partner with you in understanding your staffing requirements.

analysis and recommendation

Analysis & Recommendation

We take the effort to holistically understand your initiative, timelines, existing team strength and knowledgebase and recommend you the type and number of resources you may need to meet with timelines and project goals.



Our highly skilled recruiting team would internally discuss the exact requirement and shortlist the candidates from our pool of known consultants with proven delivery record.



Our screening process includes: Initial Phone Screen, Face-to-Face Interview, Pre-Employment Screening Services, Skill Assessment, Orientation/Training. 



Upon passing the interview rounds with the Client Hiring Manager, the Candidate is then confirmed and deployed onto your project.


Leverage the Benefits of AI & Help Companies Become Smart and Advanced

You must develop written affirmative action plans for each of your company’s establishments and maintain detailed records about the demographics of your employees and employment transactions, including applicants, new hires, promotions and terminations. This is one of the many areas of compliance that we assist our clients. Our services include the following: Affirmative Action Plan Development, Market Surveys, AAP Audit Management, Compensation Analysis, HR Risk Assessment Audits, Employee Handbooks, Employee Relations & Comprehensive Risk Management Training Programs.

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With the growth of IT organization, the demand for highly qualified IT candidates has also increased and it’s becoming more competitive to acquire a talented staff.We have consultative expertise that allows our clients to hire highly-qualified employees who have the capability to understand the business as well as the culture of the client.

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Driven by over two decades of experience in delivering innovative and results-oriented workforce solutions, KY&Y Consulting is undoubtedly the best IT staff augmentation service provider. We offer Recruiting Process Outsourcing (RPO), Contingent Workforce Solutions, and Full-time / Permanent staffing solutions to our global clients.

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KY&Y Consulting Delivers ...

Your competitive advantage

Outsource your talent-acquisition and recruiting needs to KY&Y Consulting - the effective, efficient way to find the highest-performing candidates.

Don’t just fill jobs - fulfill mandates.

Get the KY&Y Consulting edge to enhance your brand image, improve your client base, and nurture
enduring relationships with them.We impact your hiring with the following advantages :



Get better quality hires with our extensive local knowledge – globally.



Enjoy big cost savings on infrastructure, overheads, training and management.



Get experienced recruiters to work as your extended team, towards a common goal.



Support across the recruitment value chain.



The freedom to choose your own recruiter team.



The flexibility to avail only a slice of our service line.


Scale Up

Expand your business across the globe easily.



Enjoy excellent Turn Around Time.



Retain your grip over the entire process with updates & reports.



Get expert advice on planning, training, branding.

competitive edge

Competitive Edge

Get ahead by freeing up resources for core jobs.

expand portfolio

Expand Portfolio

Broaden your scope of services.

Access top recruiters to work for you At a price that does the same

Get the finest talent professionals to deliver results on your terms

Connecting employer and employees

I Am a Client

We intelligently match amazing
talent with great employers.


I Am a Developer

From resume building to interview
etiquette, we set you up for success.


Our Growth Stories

Company in Numbers

Connecting employees and employers across a wide range of disciplines to succeed in the evolving world of work.



Workshop / Session / Webinar - Private / Public / Live

Diversity & Sensitivity Training

This interactive session is designed to enable participants to embrace diversity through understanding and respecting others’ differences, and to increase awareness of tolerance, sensitivity, and respect in the workplace.


Workshop / Session / Webinar - Private / Public / Live

Cross-Culture Program

Expertise in intercultural communications leads to success for corporations.


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